Past Events

Digital Me Exhibition (BU Festival of Learning 2017)

Dates: 8th July

Location: Talbot Campus, Bournemouth University

The event was an absolute hit and involved our data collection for another research project on Virtual Reality.  Exhibition attendees had an opportunity to see and read about past projects related to digital business, consumption and education conducted by BU academics and students. Moreover, they has an opportunity to experience Virtual Reality with full immersion supported by haptics and reflect on their experience.

Digital Me (Global Festival of Learning 2017 in China)

Dates: 15th May, 16th May, 20th May

Location: Zhuhai (15th), Guangzhou (16th), Beijing (20th), China

We have delivered three interactive sessions in China communicating results of new addition to Digital Me gallery – study on PATs. Students, academics, business practitioners have joined Dr Elvira Bolat and Alanna Jones to learn about relationships new and experienced users have with PATs. PATs are physical activity trackers that are ubiquitous phenomenon now as consumers around the world become more and more health conscious. PATs help us to monitor our physical efforts and in a way motivate us to maintain engagement with physical exercises.

In total we have engaged around 60 visitors who attended our talks and more than 1500 social media users who watched our talks live via Weibo.

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See the programme for two days here:

Business Consultancy Pop-up Store (BU Festival of Enterprise 2016)

Date: 17th Nov

Location: Executive Business Centre, Bournemouth

This event was a 1-day event, organised to aid SMEs in realising their potential and growing their businesses.

Morning sessions enabled individual attendees to have 1:1 consultancy with four academic experts:

  • Dr Parisa Gilani (leadership)
  • Dr Sara Hourani (dispute resolutions)
  • Dr Nasiru Taura (entrepreneurship)
  • Dr Elvira Bolat (digital marketing).

Afternoon sessions included quick-fire talks for all attendees:

  1. Maximising the impact of leadership development for your business – Dr Parisa Gilani
  2. Business failure: real options for finance and running your business – Dr Nasiru Taura
  3. Online dispute resolution: more efficient ways for resolving customer disputes – Dr Sara Hourani
  4. (Re)energising your business with digital: six essential tips – Dr Elvira Bolat.

Dr Parisa Gilani at 1:1 sessions

Both parts of the event were well attended by students, staff and primary local businesses, among which are Creatful, Kindred, Eat Pho Ltd. BU academic experts are now in conversation with individual SME owners to see how BU can further support these businesses in desire to grow. Most businesses are now considering to work with BU’s Student Project Bank to allow students to work on individual assignments that will greatly benefit both businesses and students.

In addition, during the event we have organised tombola. The winning number is 2 and now local Vietnamese restaurant, Eat Pho Ltd, is going to receive 1 hour 1:1 consultancy with all four academic experts. logo.jpg

Congratulations to Eat Pho Ltd and we are looking forward to making a difference for your truly amazing business.

We would like to thank BU Events and RKEO teams as well as BSc Marketing students (Molly Oven, Danielle Hearn, Annaik Mackel, Andrew Herschtal) for supporting the event and organising it to such high standard.

Digital Me pop-up exhibition (ESRC Festival of Social Science)

Date: 5th Nov

Location: Sovereign Shopping Centre, Boscombe, Bournemouth

The event was an absolute hit and engaged over 243 people who learnt about Bournemouth University’s research into digital. In particular, visitors were interested in the following three topics: digital addition, slacktivist behaviour, and age difference in consumption of mobile social media.

Famous and incredible Howard Potter visited us. Do you know who Howard Potter is? Check this: 

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