Championing a Cause

by Maria Musarskaya

Coming of age during a time of rapid and dramatic technological advances, millennials make up a unique generation. They regularly use social media – 88% report getting their news from Facebook—and are savvy users of the Internet, one of the most important and powerful tools of their time. Checking their phones an average of 43 times a day, millennials seem to be perpetually connected to the world around them, and interact with each other on social media on an almost continuous basis.

This connectedness is an essential mechanism with which members of our generation communicate with each other not only just to socialize, but also to advance our ideas of social justice for the world we live in. There are many Facebook pages and Twitter profiles dedicated to social movements, including Social Justice Solutions and Social Justice Warriors, which have a combined 221,000 followers. To millennials, social media is a valuable organizing tool for the causes they champion. And since social media is a relatively recent and constantly evolving phenomenon—Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat are continually tweaking how they work—the strategies activists use to promote change are evolving along with it. This trend can be seen by examining the evolving methods of two major social movements that much of our generation is currently engaged with: Black Lives Matter, and the push for equality among people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


We Demand Justice, photographer: Hector Paulino, model: Hector Paulino

As seen in the above image, the user of Facebook, Hector Paulino, is showing his support for and raising awareness about justice by adding a filter which adds a note to his picture saying ‘WE DEMAND JUSTICE’ and sharing it on his social media profiles.


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